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Placing my baby for adoption


Because the Adoption Law Firm of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (“Kirsh & Kirsh”) has one of the largest adoption programs in the Midwest, and possibly the United States, we can offer expectant mothers and birth parents a wide range of carefully screened, independently investigated, prospective adoptive parents who cannot wait to welcome a baby into their hearts and home. We have assisted numerous birth mothers find loving, secure, happy homes for their precious newborn babies. We have more than 35 years of experience handling adoptions in Indiana – NOT 35 years of “combined” experience as some groups advertise, when they add together the years individual members of the staff have assisted in adoptions. Additionally, unlike a national adoption agency, Kirsh & Kirsh is based in Indiana, but have prospective adoptive parents from all around the country.

As a birth mother or birth parent considering putting your child up for adoption, or more correctly, making an adoption plan for your baby, you risk nothing by contacting us. We will explain our adoption program and provide information about hopeful adoptive parents without cost or obligation on your part. We give expectant mothers and birth mothers as much or as little involvement in the family selection process as they would like.

We have lots of wonderful, carefully screened, loving families (married, single, Lesbian, and Gay) who cannot wait to welcome a baby into their hearts and homes and are happy to assist with living expenses to the full extent allowed by law.

You can call, text and or email us anytime —call: 317-575-5555, text: 317-721-2030,, or Facebook message: We answer our office phone 24 hours a day, every single day. We try to respond to emails and text messages within minutes of receipt.

POSITIVE ADOPTION LANGUAGE DISCLAIMER:  Please understand that these blog posts are written in a way to use language that people use when searching for help with their adoption plans.  Unfortunately, while all of us understand what positive adoption language means, most expectant moms that come to us at first do not understand what that means. The most common search term on the Internet for expectant moms is “how do I give up my baby for adoption”.  If we do not include those words in our blog posts, and instead put “how do I create an adoption plan for my baby” then our website will not show up in most expectant mom’s search results in Google.

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