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Adoption Story – December 10, 2014

by: Grant M. Kirsh

Timing is EVERYTHING in adoption. Just yesterday we received a message, via our contact page. Those adoption-related messages are routed directly to Steve and my email inboxes, which we check routinely throughout the day (and night). We have other methods we also use, as back-up, to make sure we do not miss any of these messages. As you can tell, we do not want to miss incoming messages from the website! As soon as this message came in I picked up the phone to call the expectant mother back. She answered and was amazed at how quickly we responded to her message. After I quick phone call I got in the car and went and met her at the location of her choosing, about 1.5 hours away from the office. After our meeting was wrapping up she informed me that she believed she was going into labor and would be going to the hospital within the next couple hours.

Sure enough, she delivered a healthy baby and is eager to complete her adoption plan. The prospective adoptive parents are ecstatic that she chose them and wants them to adopt her baby and provide her baby with the loving secure life she knows her baby deserves.