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Adoption Reconnection – Finding My Birthmom

What a wonderful way to start a Sunday. I woke up this morning and had an email waiting, for me, from one of my adult adoptee’s. He was curious as to if I knew anything yet. He even made a comment that he already assumed he knew the answer …… Assuming another dead end …

Well, I sent him a return email and and stated the following: “I FOUND HER AND SHE IS THRILLED.” I cannot wait to hear back from him, because as with most adoptee’s, it seems like this could never happen! Well it can… if those touched by adoption simple know how the process works…. It works.!!

Please contact me at 317-575-5555 or by email at… Also I want people to know that identifying information is only shared if all parties involved provide written permission because adoption records are sealed.

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