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Adoption Questions: What percentage of expectant moms decide not to proceed with an adoption after you have met them?

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Hi, Steve Kirsh and Yogi here with the answer today’s adoption question. The question is: “What percentage of expectant mom decide not to proceed with an adoption after you have met them?”

At Kirsh & Kirsh we find that number is approximately 33%. Now that may seem high to you, and it probably is high because when we get a call from an expectant mom we meet with her no matter how certain, or uncertain she is about adoption. Now, in other words, we don’t require that a mom say to us, I am 100% certain about adoption,” before we will meet with her.

Our view is that rarely is a mom 100% certain of her decision even if she says she is. And, a certain percentage of expectant moms who are very uncertain of the decision still proceed with the adoption. And, in any case we believe that the more we can get out about adoption the better it is for everyone.

So, we will meet with any mom who expressed an interest in adoption, whether she is very certain, or very uncertain, and explain the process and answer her questions. Because of that about one in three moms will not proceed with an adoption after they have met us.

I hope that is helpful. Yogi and, thanks Yoges, thank you. Yogi and I are always here to answer questions as you have them.

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