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Adoption Questions: What is an adoption facilitator?

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Hi, Steve Kirsh and Yogi here with the answer to today’s adoption question. The questions is: “What is an adoption facilitator?”

Let me begin by saying that, in Indiana, facilitators are illegal. A facilitator is a person who is not an adoption agency, not an adoption attorney licensed in Indiana. So if you are working with, or have had contact with an agency or attorney or another person who is not licensed in Indiana you are working with an adoption facilitator. The problem with that is that there is no recourse against those type of people.

In Indiana, not only is it a crime for adoption facilitators to assist and provide adoption services, an adoption facilitator is liable for 3x the amount of their contract, plus attorney’s fees and other court costs for providing adoption services in Indiana. You need to be very careful about using a facilitator in Indiana. Instead, you should work with a licensed adoption agency, or an adoption attorney licensed in Indiana, such as Kirsh & Kirsh.

I hope that answers you question we are always here to answer more. Thanks.

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