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Adoption Questions: What is a homestudy?

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Hi, Steve Kirsh and Yogi, hi Yoges, here with the answer to today’s adoption question. The questions is: “What is a homestudy?”

The answer is, a homestudy is done for prospective adoptive parent in preparation of their adopting a child.It consists of two parts. The first is an investigation of the family, and the second part, if the homestudy is done properly, is the educational component, and counseling.

In the investigation we want to make sure the family has a good marriage, if they are married, that they are financially secure. I like to know that a family can put a family through college if that is the child’s desire.I want to make sure they are healthy and they have a normal life expectancy. There is a medical examination that is required. Criminal checks, child abuse checks, sexual offender checks, all of that.

And then the counseling and education component is equally important. Frankly, most people pass a homestudy. Most people would not subject themselves to that type of investigation if they did not believe they were going to pass. The educational and counseling component is really more important. I want to make sure that both husband and wife, or both parties in the couple are ready to adopt and they are both on the same page.

Or, to say it differently, they are on the same track heading in the same direction at the same speed. I do not want to find out later that one of them was interested in adoption and the other was just going along with for the ride. I want to make sure they know how and when to tell the child about being adopted.

I also want to make sure the understand the tremendous amount of love and courage it takes to make an adoption plan for the birthmom. The respect of the birthmom is a very important educational component of the homestudy. So, the other part of the homsetudy process is that it provides the expectant moms a great deal of peace of mind that they are making a good choice for the baby.

If some independent agency has interviewed the family, investigated them, counseled them, educated them, it provides the expectant mom a lot of peace of mind in knowing that her baby is going to have a good home and a wonderful life.

I hope that is helpful. Yogi and I are always happy to answer other questions as you have them.

Thank you very much.

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