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Adoption Questions: How old do I need to be to be reunited with my birth mother?

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Hi, Steve Kirsh and Yogi here, hi Yoges, good boy, with the answer to today’s adoption question. The question is: How old do I have to be, as an adoptee, to be reunited, or reconnected, with my birth mother? And the answer is the legal age in Indiana is twenty-one. Now it is possible to do it sooner than that with the permission of your parents, the adoptive parents. However, if you are twenty-one, you don’t need their permission. If you are less than twenty-one, you do need their permission. You can contact the Indiana State Board of Health if you are twenty-one years of age or older and the Indiana State Board of Health will help you. In fact, I have provided a link right here ( …No, not you Yoges. A link right here to the Indiana State Department of Health website. If they can’t help you, you can always contact the attorney, the adoption attorney or adoption agency that helped your parents adopt you and they can also help contact the birth mother, or birth parents if you are less than twenty-one so long as your adoptive parents will consent to that. I hope that is helpful. Yogi and I are always here to answer questions as you have them. Good boy. Thank you, good kisses. Those are very good kisses. Thank you Thank you

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