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Adoption Questions: Can a private adoption be an open adoption?

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Hi, Steve Kirsh here with the answer to today’s adoption question. And for you Yogi fans out there, Yogi is obviously not here, he has the day off. He works hard. The question is: “Can a private adoption be an open adoption?”The answer is, yes, because those are completely different concepts.There are two types of adoptions. Either an adoption handled by an adoption agency, including the welfare department, or a private adoption, which is an adoption handled by an attorney, such as Kirsh & Kirsh. The other concept is the degree of openness of an adoption. So, an adoption can either be open, where there is an exchange of information, or confidential, where there is not an exchange of information. Therefore, you could have an open private adoption, or an open agency adoption, or a confidential private adoption, or a confidential agency adoption, they are completely unrelated. So, yes, you can have an open private adoption. I hope that is helpful, we are always here to answer questions. Yogi will be back tomorrow.


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