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Adoption Firm Overview

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At Kirsh & Kirsh we practice adoption law exclusively. Between my brother Joel and me we probably have 50 years of experience handling adoptions. We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and we handle adoptions throughout the state of Indiana and nationwide.

There is so much misinformation about adoption, so many wrong ideas, that I think that Kirsh & Kirsh offer expectant mothers, and prospective adoptive parents free information. When clients come to see us at Kirsh & Kirsh there biggest concern is “will they be able to create a family or expand their family?” While they are in a situation they did not plan on being in we try and make them feel comfortable to understand their problems and to provide a solution for them.

Birth mothers come to us because the they’re in a situation where they have not planned to be in either and we are trying to make them feel comfortable to make sure they understand that we can help provide a solution for their situation. I know that as you are thinking about adoption there are a million things going through your head.

Call us. We are happy to talk to you anytime.

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