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Some Things Don't Change

I have assisted women who have made adoption plans for their babies over the last 30 years. Much has changed in 30 years. Two things have NOT changed – the ages of expectant mothers and their motivations.

Firstly, most expectant mothers considering adoption are NOT teenagers. That teenagers, who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, account for a majority of birth mothers is a MYTH. Most are in mid-twenties or older. Many already have a child. They understand the realities of parenthood. I have found that the more mature, better educated, stable, and forward thinking a woman, the more likely she will proceed with an adoption. I know that sounds backwards, but it is the reality.

Secondly, the primary motivation of women who pursue adoption, as a way of securing their children’s futures, is their profound love of those children. Unfortunately, the general public equates adoption with abortion and assumes that a woman who proceeds with an adoption is disposing of her child or trying to rid herself of the responsibility of parenthood – ABSOLUTELY FALSE. A woman chooses adoption because she wants her child to experience life to the fullest but does not believe she is equipped, at that moment in her life, to assure her child of a bright future and a world of opportunities. A woman who proceeds with an adoption not only gives the adoptive family an incredible gift of a child but the child an incredible gift of a warm, loving family.