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Not All Adoptions are Bad

There are a number of people, particularly women, who gave up their baby for adoption, and in some cases were forced to give up their babies for adoption years ago. Fortunately, that practice does not happen like it use to. But, there was a time in Indiana, and in the country, where young women were […]

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DCS Adoptions: Picking the Right Attorney

In a recent DCS Adoption, in which I represented the guardian ad litem, I witnessed something that was very disheartening… the attorney representing the adoptive parents was not present for a meeting in which everyone else was present. I found out that this was no mistake, the attorney openly told their clients that they would […]

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If the glove doesn't fit, you must . . .

Call another attorney?!? Everyone can finish that famous phrase uttered by Johnnie Cochran during the OJ Simpson trial. Cochran was able to “sell” that phrase to the jury because he is a trial lawyer. Trial law is what he does. He does it over and over and has had great success. OJ was lucky to […]

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