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Not Until She Walked in Her Shoes

This past week I had to the opportunity to assist in the arrangements for an adoption. What made the situation unlike any of the other 3000 adoptions we have handled is that the birth mom, Lauren (not her real name), was the daughter of clients of mine. I helped them adopt Lauren 19 years ago. Lauren and her family are wonderful people.

While I reviewed the consent to adoption with Lauren at the hospital after the birth, her parents commented that, through the years, they had told Lauren of her birth mother’s love when she made Lauren’s adoption plan. But, they went on to say that Lauren had her doubts and, occasionally, wondered if her birth mother had actually abandoned her.

Not until the unplanned pregnancy and Lauren’s thoughts turned to adoption for her precious child, did Lauren fully appreciate the incredible, unconditional love that a birth mother has for her child when she chooses adoption. As her parents told me this, I looked over at Lauren. She silently nodded in agreement.