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Change is the only constant around here

This is where we'll let you know about our most recent placements, post updates from our adoptive families, share beautiful stories of reconnections.

We'll also use this space to keep you abreast of the constantly shifting laws & legislation regarding adoption.

New Additions to the Kirsh & Kirsh Extended Family

Lots of Adoptions in Indiana Today! – October 9, 2015

INDIANA – This morning is already starting off to be a busy one! We have one baby in the sourthern part of Indiana, we have another baby in the eastern part of Indiana, we have a third potential adoption involving a slightly older child, and then we just found out this morning that yet another […]

Adoption – October 2, 2015

We had a new family created through adoption today! Everyone is doing well. Both the birth mom and birth father were very confident in their decisions. Baby is being discharged this weekend and will head home in the next week to his new home state!

Adoption – August 29, 2015

INDIANA – On Saturday evening we had somewhat of a surprise adoption situation take place in the western part of Indiana. The adoptive parents came in from out of state and the birth mother was from Indiana. The birth mother was wonderful! She knew that adoption was in her child’s best interest and felt great […]

Adoption – August 28, 2015

INDIANA – We had another family created through the love of one brave woman. Have a great weekend everyone!

Surprise Indiana Adoption – August 25, 2015

INDIANA – We had a surprise baby born today. The mother called us after she delivered and told us that she had made the decision to place her child for adoption with one of our wonderful, carefully screened families. A family was selected, the documents were quickly drafted and Steve hopped in the plane to […]

Adoption – August 24, 2015

SOUTHERN INDIANA ADOPTION – Another happy family created through the love and selflessness of one brave woman! Everyone is doing well 🙂

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