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Change is the only constant around here

This is where we'll let you know about our most recent placements, post updates from our adoptive families, share beautiful stories of reconnections.

We'll also use this space to keep you abreast of the constantly shifting laws & legislation regarding adoption.

New Additions to the Kirsh & Kirsh Extended Family

To the Trader Joe’s Employee Who Noticed My Family in the Parking Lot

I was tired, hurried, frustrated and ready to just go home. My husband, John, was pushing our son, Mareto, in the cart as fast as he could to leave the store before the meltdown got worse. We were frantically trying to open up a cereal bar to stem the tears. Our daughter, Arsema, was strapped […]

U.S. Paralympic Athlete Reconnected with Biological Family in the County of Georgia

DIKHASHKHO, Georgia — Here is a touching story of an adoption reconnection in Georgia. One of the most moving parts of this is when the adoptee, Elizabeth Stone, says, “I wanted them to know that I don’t have any harsh feelings against it and I just wanted them to be at peace, like in their […]

Adoption – December 9, 2015

After waiting over two years, one of our clients was finally able to make her dreams a reality. The birth mother made the decision she wanted a closed adoption, but we explained to her that the opportunity for her to get updates to see the child grow up is still available to her. She knows […]

Indiana Adoption Selfie! – November 19, 2015

INDIANA – Five families finalized their Indiana adoptions today!  These families happily participated in this first ever Indiana adoption selfie taken at the court house today moments after all of their adoptions were finalized.  These families, and all families that adopt, travel a long and emotional road to become parents.  They are only able to […]

Adoption – November 9, 2015

INDIANA – We had another successful adoption today in Indiana.  Mom did a wonderful job.  She was VERY confident in her decision.  The adoptive parents are on their way to the hospital now. This was a surprise adoption. The adoptive parents are VERY EXCITED to say the least 🙂

Adoptions in Indiana this Weekend – October 23, 2015

Adoptions are happening in Indiana this weekend! We are currently working with three birth mothers on their adoption plans for their babies.  All three women have picked wonderful families that are excited about being able to adopt.  It is going to be another very exciting weekend!

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