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Indiana Open Adoption

The term “Open Adoption” is a relative term. There are varying degrees of “openness” when it comes to adoption. An “open adoption” could range from updates (letters and photos) sent to the birth parents from the adoptive parents at set intervals all the way to visitation and co-parenting. The most typical arrange involves the adoptive parents sending the birth parents letters and photos at set intervals for a certain period of time. At Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. our clients offer birth parents letters and photos through our secure online portal for 18 years using the schedule outline below. Our secure online portal provides both adoptive parents and birth parents a secure method of communicating and sharing their lives with each other.


Within 24 hours of leaving the hospital, 1 Month, 2 Months, 3 Months, 6 Months, 12 Months, 18 Months, 24 Months, 3rd Birthday, 4th Birthday, 5th Birthday, 6th Birthday, 7th Birthday, 8th Birthday, 9th Birthday, 10th Birthday, 11th Birthday, 12th Birthday, 13th Birthday, 14th Birthday, 15th Birthday, 16th Birthday, 17th Birthday & 18th Birthday