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Giving baby up for adoption


Giving Up vs. Choosing Adoption

When speaking about adoption, we often hear people refer to it as "giving a baby up for adoption." This phrase has become popular through pop culture - movies, television, podcasts - and is now virtually synonymous with adoption.

However, we think of adoption a bit differently. When choosing adoption for your baby, you're not "giving them up." You're actually giving them the chance to have the best life possible, one that is full of opportunity and joy. In other words, you're "choosing the best life for them through adoption."

There is so much power in words, in how we say things. When talking about adoption, we must speak in a way that is honest to the act. We must recognize that choosing adoption is not a negative action, but a thoughtful, loving decision made with the child's best interest in mind.

Adoption Today, Better than Ever Before

Like all of history, the history of adoption has had its moments - both good and bad. However, it's important to know that today's adoptions are nothing like the adoptions of the past, especially those from the mid-20th century.

In the past, when a woman chose adoption for her baby, she simply handed them over to the adoptive family at the hospital and never looked back. She never knew the family; she never received updates or photos. It was an extreme version of what today we call "closed adoption."

These days, birth mothers are involved in nearly every step of the adoption process. They develop an adoption plan with their trusted caseworker. They choose the adoptive family that best suits their vision for their child, and they can see their baby grow up through updates, letters, and sometimes even phone calls or visits.

In today's world, women do not "give up their baby." Instead, they "place their baby" into hand-picked loving families who will give that child all the love and opportunity they need to succeed in the world today.