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Newborn & Infant Adoption


Newborn & Infant Adoption

The adoption law firm of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., with our 30+ years of experience handling adoptions throughout Indiana and with other states, can assist in identifying a newborn to adopt and handling the arrangements if you have already found an expectant mother or birth mother.

We are happy to speak with you by telephone, without cost or obligation, to answer questions about your particular situation or email you general information about our adoption program. Adoption is an exciting and, often stressful, process. As the expression goes, “This is not our first rodeo.” We will provide direct, honest advice.

Please explore the resources on this page and throughout our website. When you're ready, click the Contact Us button to get this exciting process started.

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Adoptive Couple Loses $40,000 On a Failed Out-Of-State Adoption – A Cautionary Tale

Just the other day, I, Steve Kirsh, an adoption lawyer with the Adoption Law Firm Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (“Kirsh & Kirsh”) had a Zoom Meeting with prospective adoptive parents, who told me that they had been working with a national adoption agency, which matched them with an expectant mother.  Between the upfront agency fees […] Keep Reading

When should you hire an Indiana adoption attorney for your DCS adoption

Hiring an Indiana adoption attorney to handle your DCS adoption is a significant step in the adoption process. It is important that you consult with an adoption attorney sooner rather than later in the process. It is even more important that you do not take the advice of your well-intentioned Family Case Manager, GAL, or […] Keep Reading

Why Do Adoption Attorneys KIRSH & KIRSH, PC (“Kirsh & Kirsh”), Use The Words: “Give Up A Baby For Adoption”?

As adoption professionals for more than 35 years in Indiana and having assisted with THOUSANDS of successful newborn adoptions, the attorneys at Kirsh & Kirsh respect the sacrificial love of birth mothers who place the needs of their children above their own needs. We understand that whether a birth parent goes to a baby adoption […] Keep Reading