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International Adoption


International Adoption

Although Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C., does not facilitate adoptions of children from other countries, if you adopt a child born outside of the United States, Joel Kirsh can assist with the formalization of the adoption in the State of Indiana, either through a re-adoption of the child or a registration of the foreign adoption decree.

By doing so, Joel will be able to obtain for you an Indiana birth certificate for the child. Joel is happy answer your questions, without cost or obligation, to answer questions about your particular situation.

Please explore the resources on this page and throughout our website. When you're ready, click the Contact Us button to get this exciting process started.

Are you pregnant in and looking for info about adoption?


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A Grateful Adoptive Parent Speaks

Dear Amy, As I sit down to write you this letter, I am very much aware that there are no words I can write on this paper to fully express my gratitude for what you have given me. Any words that I choose seem almost trite or insincere under the circumstances. For how can I […] Keep Reading

Adoption Tax Credit

FEDERAL ADOPTION TAX CREDIT INFORMATION The 2014 version of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Qualified Adoption Expenses (Form 8839) has been released. Additionally, the updated instructions for this form have also been released. Form 8839 is used by taxpayers to claim the adoption tax credit, an exclusion for employer-provided adoption benefits, or both. The changes […] Keep Reading

Adoption Myths For Adoptive Parents

Busting Adoption Myths The popular media paints a severe picture of adoption — TV shows, movies and news stories tell of poorly adjusted adopted children who are “searching for their identities.” This common stigma ignores the love and compassion that exist between an adopted child and his or her birth parents — a love that […] Keep Reading