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February 2, 2015 – New Expectant Mom

We recently received a call from a new expectant mother who is considering adoption for her unborn child. She had no idea where to turn or who to call. A friend of hers gave her our phone number and told her to call us. Her friend had placed her child for adoption, through Kirsh & Kirsh, years ago. The expectant mother said she put the number in her purse and told her friend she would think about it. She said she then went to her doctor’s appointment. She told her doctor that she was considering adoption and asked who she should call. The doctor gave her our contact information. She said at that point she decided she had better stop asking people who to call because everyone was pointing her in our direction.

We bring this up because we have found that the decision to proceed with an adoption is the hardest decision most people face in their lifetime. If you are pregnant and considering adoption trust those people who have not let you astray in the past. Do not just get on the internet and search and do not trust those that cannot be trusted. Ask around, see what people say. If a friend had a good experience (with Kirsh & Kirsh or another adoption facilitator) then maybe you should look into that recommendation a little further.

Lastly, and conversely, do not believe everything people say about adoption. Especially, if they have never been involved in adoption (or not involved in adoption in the last decade). Ask around, do you research and trust your gut.

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