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Colorado birth father can contest Utah adoption, court rules

Bobby L. Nevares, a birth father in Colorado, was denied an opportunity to contest an adoption in Utah, the Utah Supreme Court ruled on Friday.  His son was born from a brief sexual relationship he had with a 15 year-old-girl.  Nevares properly followed the procedure, in Colorado, to preserve his parental rights, the high court said in a reversing decision by 4th Disct Judge Claudia Laycock.

This decision calls into question, again, a questionable adoption agency in Utah that operates under the name, The Adoption Center of Choice.  This agency has been at the center of a number of contested adoptions and even had its license revoked by the state a year ago.

When it comes to adoption, it is critical that the agency, or attorney, handling the adoption, follow the law and not try and cut corners.  If you find yourself in an adoption and something does not seem right, speak up.  Ask hard questions and get answers.  Trust your gut!  Most importantly, work with someone you trust.