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If you have not already seen the movie Juno, you must see it. It is the only movie, that I can recall, which makes adoption seem “cool”. The dialogue is witty and fast-paced. While the writers took some degree of poetic license with regard to the adoption process and the adoption attorney and prospective adoptive […] Keep Reading

Creating Your Family (Legally) with a Step Parent Adoption

Many parents are helping raise the child of their spouse yet they are doing so without any legal protection if something should happen to their spouse. Likewise, these parents are unable to provide inheritance and other benefits to the child because they have not yet taken the steps to establish a legal relationship with the […] Keep Reading

Babies Deserve Better

BABIES DESERVE BETTER THAN DUMPSTERS Recently, a baby was found dead on a college campus, shortly after his mother gave birth to him. Another was left at the emergency room of an Indianapolis hospital. Thank goodness the second woman chose the emergency room instead of a dumpster. However, neither situation needed to happen. The mothers […] Keep Reading

Consider Adopting A Hard-To-Place Child

Nationally, there are 80-100 families for every healthy, white infant available for adoption and nearly one to two million families hoping to adopt those children. By my estimation, there are 4 or 5 families for every bi-racial (black and white mixed) baby and less than one family for every African-American baby available for adoption. Likewise, […] Keep Reading

Not Until She Walked in Her Shoes

This past week I had to the opportunity to assist in the arrangements for an adoption. What made the situation unlike any of the other 3000 adoptions we have handled is that the birth mom, Lauren (not her real name), was the daughter of clients of mine. I helped them adopt Lauren 19 years ago. […] Keep Reading

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