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It is too bad that as an adoption professional, I cannot be persuasive . . .

I just met with a woman who is twenty years old, has three children, a 10th grade education, no job, and is living with her sister, who wants her to move out. Her three children are ages four, two, and seven months. She is considering an adoption plan for the seven month old. She had […] Keep Reading

What are my other children going to think if I place my baby for adoption?

  Recently I received the following email from an expectant mother: “I am 4 months pregnant and was thinking about adoption. The problem is I have a 7 yr old and he is very excited he is going to be a big brother. So how do I know if adoption is right when it affects […] Keep Reading

Adoption Tax Credits

Congress passed the adoption tax credit as part of the George W. Bush tax cuts. The adoption tax credit was extended to December 31, 2011, and then extended again to December 31, 2012. It is due to expire on December 31, 2012, unless it is again extended by Congress. The two leading adoption organizations in […] Keep Reading

Adoption and Drugs and Alcohol Exposure

When adopting a child, prospective adoptive parents must understand that they give up control of a number of things, one of the most difficult being control over the expectant mothers actions during her pregnancy. Many, probably most, expectant mothers take good care of themselves during their pregnancies because they love their unborn babies and only […] Keep Reading

I cannot believe I am pregnant again. What should I do?

Recently, I met with an expectant mother who had previously made an adoption plan and placed a child with a family through our office. She said that she was hesitant to call us this time because she felt like “scum” (her words) for winding up unexpectedly pregnant again. I assured her that her situation happens […] Keep Reading

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