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Adoption is a beautiful process. However, this beautiful process can also be very challenging at times. Regardless of whether you are pregnant and seeking to make an adoption plan for your child or you are looking to adopt a child, it is important that you understand how the process will work, and how your experience […] Keep Reading

Out of State Adoption Agency

Recently, I met with a woman who searched for “adoption agency out of state”. She wanted to find a family outside Indiana to adopt her baby. We work with a number of women who have the same request. Unfortunately for her, by making her initial contact with an out of state adoption agency, that agency […] Keep Reading

Child Support Action Against Birth Mother

I have been handling adoptions for over 30 years. I recently received a phone call from a woman who was thinking about adoption five years ago. We met with her and made the arrangements for the adoption. When the baby was born, her mother stepped in and said that she would raise the baby. At […] Keep Reading

If the glove doesn't fit, you must . . .

Call another attorney?!? Everyone can finish that famous phrase uttered by Johnnie Cochran during the OJ Simpson trial. Cochran was able to “sell” that phrase to the jury because he is a trial lawyer. Trial law is what he does. He does it over and over and has had great success. OJ was lucky to […] Keep Reading

It is too bad that as an adoption professional, I cannot be persuasive . . .

I just met with a woman who is twenty years old, has three children, a 10th grade education, no job, and is living with her sister, who wants her to move out. Her three children are ages four, two, and seven months. She is considering an adoption plan for the seven month old. She had […] Keep Reading

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