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The Kirsh & Kirsh Adoption Blog

Reasons to Consider Adoption

There are many reasons a woman considers adoption. Most commonly, we are told by the women we work with that they are just in a place in their life that they cannot provide for their baby. If the circumstances were different they would not be considering placing (or what some may refer to as “giving […] Keep Reading

Choosing the Right Family to Adopt My Baby

You may be curious how you are supposed to choose a family to adopt your baby. We are sometimes contacted by expectant mothers who have found a family whom they want to adopt their children. Often, this is because a friend of a friend told them about the family and they feel sorry for the […] Keep Reading

Adoption Plan: Picking An Adoptive Family

Are you considering adoption? Picking an adoptive family is not as difficult as the task may appear on its face. Let’s not discredit though that this decision is certainly one of the most important decisions you will make. Rest assured, it is very unlikely though that you can make a mistake in picking a family… […] Keep Reading

Assisted Reproductive Technologies, AKA Surrogacy, are on the rise

Assisted Reproductive Technologies are on the rise! In in recent months I have noticed more and more articles pop up on my Google News Alerts mentioning surrogacy or gestational surrogacy in the United States and abroad. There are American couples going to India to hire gestational surrogates to carry their child, Chinese couples coming to America to […] Keep Reading

Some Things Don't Change

I have assisted women who have made adoption plans for their babies over the last 30 years. Much has changed in 30 years. Two things have NOT changed – the ages of expectant mothers and their motivations. Firstly, most expectant mothers considering adoption are NOT teenagers. That teenagers, who find themselves unexpectedly pregnant, account for […] Keep Reading

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