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Instead of foster care putting my baby for adoption

I Don’t Want My Baby To Go Into Foster Care. Will That Happen If I Give Up My Baby For Adoption Through Adoption Attorneys Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (“KIRSH & KIRSH”)?

If you put up your baby for adoption, or more correctly, make an adoption plan for your baby, through Kirsh & Kirsh, your baby will NOT go into a foster home. Years ago, local adoption agencies routinely placed children into foster care before allowing the adoptive parents to bond with the newborns, but Kirsh & […] Keep Reading

Drug during pregnancy and adoption options

I Used Drugs During My Pregnancy, Can I Still Place My Newborn For Adoption Through Adoption Attorneys KIRSH & KIRSH, P.C. (“KIRSH & KIRSH”)?

Yes. Kirsh & Kirsh has loving, carefully screened, prospective adoptive parents who have expressed interest in adopting babies exposed to drugs or born addicted to drugs. In our 35+ years of experience with THOUSANDS of birth mothers, we have never known of an expectant mother who intentionally tried to hurt their unborn child by taking […] Keep Reading

making an adoption plan

Adoptive Couple Loses $40,000 On a Failed Out-Of-State Adoption – A Cautionary Tale

Just the other day, I, Steve Kirsh, an adoption lawyer with the Adoption Law Firm Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. (“Kirsh & Kirsh”) had a Zoom Meeting with prospective adoptive parents, who told me that they had been working with a national adoption agency, which matched them with an expectant mother.  Between the upfront agency fees […] Keep Reading

DCS Adoption

When should you hire an Indiana adoption attorney for your DCS adoption

Hiring an Indiana adoption attorney to handle your DCS adoption is a significant step in the adoption process. It is important that you consult with an adoption attorney sooner rather than later in the process. It is even more important that you do not take the advice of your well-intentioned Family Case Manager, GAL, or […] Keep Reading

Giving Up My Baby For Adoption In Indiana

Why Do Adoption Attorneys KIRSH & KIRSH, PC (“Kirsh & Kirsh”), Use The Words: “Give Up A Baby For Adoption”?

As adoption professionals for more than 35 years in Indiana and having assisted with numerous successful newborn adoptions, the attorneys at Kirsh & Kirsh respect the sacrificial love of birth mothers who place the needs of their children above their own needs. We understand that whether a birth parent goes to a baby adoption agency […] Keep Reading

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