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The Kirsh & Kirsh Adoption Blog

What About Abortion

Indianapolis Adoption Lawyers Providing Information about Your Options You may not know what to do. Is abortion the right choice? What about adoption or parenting? Every year, we talk with many pregnant women who have not yet decided what to do about their unplanned or teen pregnancies. Let our experience with thousands of pregnant teens […] Keep Reading

Unexpectedly Pregnant

  Despite attitudes prevalent in popular culture, unplanned pregnancies are not easily taken care of by abortion. Many young women are led to believe abortion is the only alternative without considering the blessing and benefits of adoption. Abortion will not change the fact that you were pregnant. None of us can change what has already […] Keep Reading

Step-by-Step Process for Putting a Baby Up For Adoption

Pregnant? Want to know about placing a baby for adoption? Here is a simple step-by-step guide that outlines the basics of this process. DISCLAIMER: Understand first off that this step-by-step guide is a basic view of how adoptions typically occur and there are a multitude of different factors that could change the adoption process to […] Keep Reading

Putting Baby Up For Adoption

You may be considering adoption and thinking to yourself how to “put my baby up for adoption”, or “give up my baby for adoption”, or “place my baby for adoption”. Whether you are in your first trimester or you just delivered, Kirsh & Kirsh can help you put an adoption plan together. We have helped […] Keep Reading

Pregnant? Considering Your Options

If you are pregnant and concerned that you might not be ready to have a baby, don’t think that having an abortion is the only solution. Every year, more than 1.5 million abortions are performed in the United States. We will never know what accomplishments and gifts these lives would have given to the world. […] Keep Reading

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