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Babies Deserve Better


Recently, a baby was found dead on a college campus, shortly after his mother gave birth to him. Another was left at the emergency room of an Indianapolis hospital. Thank goodness the second woman chose the emergency room instead of a dumpster. However, neither situation needed to happen. The mothers of these children could have made adoption plans and gone through the rest of their lives knowing that they had provided their children with loving and secure homes.

Adoption is a heroic, loving choice made by a woman. It is the essence of being a good mother to secure a child’s future. Nothing will change the fact of an unplanned pregnancy, not even abortion. However, adoption offers a woman a second chance for both herself and her baby. But, before more women will consider adoption, they have to believe there will be acceptance among their friends, family, and community. The world needs to see adoption as a loving and heroic choice. According to a study by the National Council for Adoption, less than 50% of Americans finds adoption a favorable option for unwed mothers of unplanned pregnancies. Maybe when our society views adoption in a more favorable light, we will find fewer babies in dumpsters.