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April 21, 2014 – Busy Day Around Kirsh & Kirsh

It has been a busy day around Kirsh & Kirsh today! …and we like busy days. Over the weekend one of the woman we have been working with completed her adoption plan. The baby, mother and adoptive parents are all doing well. Today we were contacted by a woman who delivered this morning and wanted our help to help her find a loving family to adopt her baby. We were able to get her profiles of families and she was able to look through them and pick the family she felt most comfortable with. We had another woman who we are working with pick an adoptive family for her yet-to-be-born baby. That match was also meant to be. Another woman called today to set up a meeting for tomorrow to talk about an adoption plan. Each and every one of these situations was unique. Each person involved played an integral part in making what was supposed to happen actually happen. Thank you all for your help today!