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Adoption Reconnections and Indiana Adoption History Program

Adoption Reconnections

It makes me so happy when I have the opportunity to explain the reconnection process to someone new. Yesterday I had the opportunity to lead a young man to the Indiana Adoption History Program. He informed me that he had tried, for many years, to locate a sibling that he recently had learned about. What an emotional piece of information to learn about and compound that with not knowing exactly how to go about reaching out to this person. The first step in this process is to register with the Indiana State Department of Health’s Adoption History Program. Here is the link to that website: (highlight, copy and paste this into your web browser) and click on Forms 47896(R3/6-05) and 47897 (R3/6-05).

Please feel free to contact me directly at and/or by cell 317-679-7878 or at the office, 317-575-5555.

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