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Adoption – March 19, 2015


We met with a woman EARLY this morning so that she could complete her adoption plan.  Everything went well.  She was very confident in her decision.  We typically handle open adoptions, but in this instance the birthmom wanted a closed adoption.  She did not want to know the sex of the baby or meet the adoptive parents.  She just wanted to make sure they were going to give her baby the life she knows her baby deserves.  The decision is always difficult, but she seemed to be very at peace with everything.  She is a student with a wonderful future of ahead of her.  She knows now that she is just not able to care for her baby and wants what is best for the baby, and that is why she decided to place the beautiful baby for adoption.

The adoptive parents were thrilled to have this opportunity and will honor all of the mother’s wishes.  We wish we could share a photo of this baby because the baby is BEAUTIFUL! OMG