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Change is the only constant around here

This is where we'll let you know about our most recent placements, post updates from our adoptive families, share beautiful stories of reconnections.

We'll also use this space to keep you abreast of the constantly shifting laws & legislation regarding adoption.

New Additions to the Kirsh & Kirsh Extended Family

Indiana Birth Mother Adoption Follow Up – March 4, 2015


We just received a wonderful note via our website’s online chat feature from a birth mother who placed her baby for adoption years ago through Kirsh & Kirsh.  She just wanted to tell us how happy she is and how wonderful she is doing.  Each year she has looked forward to getting her updates to […]

Baby Born Today – February 27, 2015


A beautiful baby girl was born early this morning.  Mom and baby are doing fine.  The adoptive parents are heading to the hospital.  Mom wants to sign today, rather than wait the 24 hours, which is preferred under the Indiana hospital guidlines.  Indiana law, clearly states, that a woman may sign a consent to adoption […]

Adoption – February 27, 2015


Everything went smoothly today.  Everyone is doing great!  Mom was confident in her decision.  The flight down there and back was beautiful.  Steve and Grant took care of everything at the hospital, Emley helped with all of the documents and went to court and Joel handled the hearing.  We were able to get the court […]

Adoption – February 26, 2015


Steven Kirsh driving to get consent to adoption signed. Photo Credit: Jennie Sullivan We have a very busy day ahead of us!  Steve and Jennie are driving to the northern part of the state to meet with a birth mother to sign consents to adoption. Grant and Lauren will be driving to another part of […]

First Adoption Today – February 26, 2015


Everything went according to birth mom’s adoption plan this morning.  Here is a blurry, but still very cute photo of the little one’s foot! Lauren and Grant are getting ready to head out to meet with the next birth mother today to help her complete her adoption plan.  

Second Adoption Today – February 26, 2015


The second adoption today went great! Mom was awesome.  She was so awesome!  Did I mention how awesome she was?  She was so confident in her decision and so happy with the family she chose.  She is just a wonderful woman and everyone here thinks the world of her. Now if that little foot is […]

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