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The Kirsh & Kirsh Adoption Blog

Written by an adoptive mom who adopted through our office 18 years ago, an essay she describes as the "Meaning of Love"

On May 17, 1993, at 9:00 a.m., a stranger I had never met taught me a lifetime of love. On that day, at that exact hour, a committed 18-year old opened her heart as wide as the heavens themselves and all by herself, changed lives forever. It wasn’t supposed to be that way. Julie and […] Keep Reading

If Kirsh and Kirsh Only Represents the Adoptive Parents, what about the Birth Mother?

One of the differences between hiring Kirsh and Kirsh as a law firm and hiring an adoption agency is that Kirsh and Kirsh only represents one party to the adoption. Adoption agencies say that they represent everyone in the adoption. As attorneys, it would not be ethical for us to represent both the prospective adoptive […] Keep Reading

Parenting A Teenaged Pregnant Daughter

As the father of three sons and having been married for over 35 years, I often recall what my father used to tell me about being a parent: “Steve don’t worry; it is just the first twenty years that are the hardest.” I remember him telling me that when my boys were toddlers and going […] Keep Reading

If You Think it is Expensive to Hire an Expert, Try Hiring an Amateur

I know that some prospective adoptive parents choose not to retain our services because our fees are higher than most other adoption professionals. I have said in jest (somewhat) that if you think it is expensive to hire an expert try hiring an amateur! Then a situation like the one that happened today arises. Great […] Keep Reading

Explanation of Indiana Code 35-46-1-22- Indiana's Anti-facilitator Law

The referenced code provision makes it illegal for any person or agency other than an adoption agency in Indiana or an attorney licensed to practice law in Indiana to provide “adoption services” in Indiana. This law has no impact whatsoever on inter-country adoptions. Prior to the recent amendment to I.C. § 35-46-1-22, it was illegal […] Keep Reading

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