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  • The Kirsh & Kirsh Team
    The Kirsh & Kirsh Team
    Over 30 years of experience building families
The Kirsh & Kirsh Team
Over 30 years of experience building families

For over 30 years, the law office of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. has endeavored to set the standard of excellence regarding adoptions in Indiana and throughout the country.

Awarded the Congressional “Angels in Adoption” Award in 2005, attorney Steve Kirsh, along with his brother, Joel Kirsh, and his son, Grant Kirsh, have built their law practice around the human needs of the prospective birth mothers with whom they work and not simply the “transactional” nature of filing papers and providing documentation.

As adoption lawyers, we recognize the emotional nature of what is involved and provide a number of resources for prospective birth mothers to relieve them of some of the stress and anxiety associated with adoption.

Over 35 years of experience building families

For over 35 years, the law office of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. has endeavored to set the standard of excellence regarding adoptions in Indiana and throughout the country.

Awarded the Congressional "Angels in Adoption" Award in 2005, attorney Steve Kirsh, along with his brothers, Joel Kirsh and Rob Kirsh, and his son, Grant Kirsh, have built their law practice around the human needs of the prospective birth mothers with whom they work and not simply the "transactional" nature of filing papers and providing documentation.

As adoption lawyers, we recognize the emotional nature of what is involved and provide a number of resources for prospective birth mothers to relieve them of some of the stress and anxiety associated with adoption.

Are you pregnant in and looking for info about adoption?


We are here to listen, to be supportive of your needs, and offer free legal assistance every step of the way as you consider placing your baby for adoption. You are not alone, we are with you.

With Emley

*Phoebe has joined her many puppy friends in doggy Heaven. She was the most loyal member of the Kirsh and Kirsh family, and will forever be remembered as Emley’s furry companion.

Her sweet and gentle spirit lives on in our office. We are so thankful for the sixteen years we shared with her.*

Phoebe is the doggy matriarch of the Kirsh & Kirsh office.  Phoebe is Emley and Grant’s 15-year-old Golden Retriever.  She is the oldest of all the dogs in the Kirsh Family (and maybe in the entire world).

Phoebe is attached to Emley’s hip.  She spends most of her day laying on her bed next to Emley’s desk, unless Emley walks down the hall, then Phoebe will lay in the hall until Emley goes back to her desk

If you ever meet Pheobe, she loves to be petted.  She is 1/2 blind and selectively deaf.  If you give her a treat she will love you forever.

Yogi & Hanna Kirsh
With Steve

I’m Hanna, one of Steve & Jacque’s dogs.  Yogi is my twin brother.  Jacque and I thought it best if we told Yogi he was their favorite dog, so please just go along with that if he mentions anything to you.  At the office, I am responsible for greeting office guests, sleeping in the hallway and allowing my brother, Yogi, to chew on my face to keep him busy and out of everyone’s hair.  My favorite color is squirrel.

Yogi, Steve & Jacque’s favorite dog.  Don’t tell Hanna that though.  A typical day at the office for me includes barking at anyone who comes in the front door or side door.  I also stand guard at the side door looking for anything to bark at.  Aside from that I like to chew on my sister’s face.  If you come to the office I will want to sit on your lap.

Crystal Palmer
Paralegal & Interstate Adoption Specialist

Crystal married her highschool sweetheart, Brad. They have been married for 16 years and have three amazing and beautiful children, Lexi, Lily and Sam.

Crystal loves being there for her kids and their friends, cheering them on in their sporting and other various activities. She enjoys working out regularly and spending as much time as possible outdoors, whether it is walking their dog, Tucker, biking, hiking and gardening. Weekends are best spent entertaining friends and family.

Crystal became a member of the Kirsh & Kirsh staff when she was 20 years old, which is more than 20 years ago.

According to Crystal: “It goes without saying that I love my job and my family at Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C.”

Olivia Koeppe
Adoption Plan Coordinator

Olivia is the Adoption Plan Coordinator for Kirsh and Kirsh, and helps expectant mothers through the journey of making an adoption plan.

Olivia graduated from Ball State University with a degree in Family Studies. She loves sharing her passion for adoption, and is known for always laughing and having a smile on her face. In January of 2016 she married her High School sweetheart and best friend, Keegan. On weekends you will find them “DIY-ing” projects in their home and snuggling with their two adorable pups, Meeko and Minnie. You will also never see Olivia without a cup of coffee.

When she isn’t at the office, Olivia enjoys visiting local coffee houses with her favorite book, working out, and spending time outdoors with her husband and two dogs.

Emley Kirsh
Paralegal and DCS/Intrastate Adoption Specialist

Emley was born in Oklahoma and moved to Indiana at the age of 6. She attended Carmel High School and then earned her Bachelor’s Degree at Indiana University, graduating as a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Emley and her husband, Grant Kirsh, have known each other since high school. They have two children – Anna and Brogan—who are the joy of their lives.

Jill Freeman
Adoption Reconnection Specialist

I am the adoption reconnection specialist at Kirsh and Kirsh. I’m also the sister of Steve and Joel and the aunt of Grant and have had the pleasure of working with my family making families for over 11 years.

I was a stay at home mom and when my youngest started school I became a substitute teacher in the school district where my daughter attended school. I loved being a substitute teacher but when my brother, Steve, approached me to fill in while Jennie, our recently retired bookkeeper of over 20 years, was getting ready to have a baby, he asked if I could be his bookkeeper while she was on maternity leave.

Besides me being the bookkeeper I have done many jobs here at Kirsh and Kirsh but found my passion about 8 years ago when I took on the role of adoption reconnection specialist. I love talking to and helping people so it has been a perfect fit for me.

I have four wonderful children and 2 grandchildren and thoroughly enjoy spending as much time as possible with them. In my free time I enjoy exercising, dancing, swimming, knitting and spending time with family and friends.

Annie Jackson

Annie is the bookkeeper for Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. She attended Brigham Young University in Idaho where she met her lovely husband, Craig. She has over 12 years of experience working in the legal field in the roles of legal assistant, paralegal, and deputy clerk for the Hamilton County Clerk’s Office.

She is the proud mother of four wonderful children (Nick, Ben, Josh, and Rebecca), and two lovely daughters-in-law (Katie and Alex), and seven beautiful grandchildren (Grace, Madeline, Aubry, Finn, Blake, and two more on the way!).

Annie loves anything that involves nutrition and good health practices, but, most of all, she loves time with her family. Seeing other families created with the help of Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. brings great joy to her.

Claire Heger
Receptionist & Coordinator

Claire is the Receptionist and Coordinator at Kirsh & Kirsh, P.C. Helping parents build a family through the beautiful process of adoption brings a smile to her face every day.

She is also a part-time student at the Kelley School of Business in downtown Indianapolis, pursuing a degree in Marketing and International Business. She is eager to continue her studies while following her passion of helping others.

Claire was raised in Carmel, Indiana but is a Minnesota native and true Vikings fan at heart. Outside of work and class, Claire loves working out and staying active, whether is running, practicing yoga, or riding her bike in the summer. Most of all, she spends much of her time with family, friends, and her dear cat, Luna.

Rachel Collier
Paralegal & Intrastate Adoption Specialist

Rachel is a Paralegal at K&K. Rachel has her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and loves working for a company that blesses individuals to complete their families.

Rachel was born and raised in Chicago and moved to Indianapolis after attending the University of Indianapolis.

She is a proud dog mom and loves taking walks with her pup, Tank.

Rachel enjoys working out, cooking, reading, and spending time with her husband, kids, and friends.

The numbers tell a deeper story

We have provided rough estimates for some commonly asked questions. In working with Kirsh & Kirsh, we will tailor an adoption that fits your needs and desires to the extent we possibly can. We do not subscribe to the theory that all adoptions will be open or closed (confidential). Frankly, we have found that the views of our prospective adoptive parents about openness in an adoption often changes as they move through the process.

Many people starting the process strongly feel that they just to adopt a baby not a birth mother. As surprising as it may sound, some of those people have chosen to have a very open arrangement with their birth mother, but they make that decision – not us.

Number of years as an ADOPTION ONLY Law Firm | 30+
Total number of newborn adoptions successfully completed | 3500+
Number of newborn adoptions handled each year | 75+
Overall percentage of prospective adoptive parent successful | 99%
Average number of newborn adoptions contested each year | 1


  • Steve Kirsh
    Steve Kirsh
  • Joel Kirsh
    Joel Kirsh
  • Grant Kirsh
    Grant Kirsh
  • Rob Kirsh
    Rob Kirsh
Steve Kirsh

Steve Kirsh has practiced adoption law in Indiana for 35 years and has changed the face of adoption by making adoptions handled by attorneys a viable alternative to the then monopoly of adoption agencies. He has been shaping adoption law in Indiana, having written the preliminary draft of nearly all adoption legislation in Indiana since the early 1990s. Steve realized that both expectant parents and prospective adoptive parents wanted more control and involvement in the process than was then offered by adoption agencies.

Steve married his high school sweetheart, Jacque, more than 40 years ago. They have been together since they were 16 years old. They have 3 sons – Josh, Grant, and Tyler, 3 grandchildren – Anna, Holden (aka “Duke”) and Brogan, and 3 “daughters-in-law” – Sara, Emley, and Elizabeth.

In addition to the practice of adoption law, Steve loves his family, including his dogs, Yogi and Hanna, who come to the office nearly every day with him. He works out almost every day and plays golf at Crooked Stick whenever he can.

Steve has an easy smile, more grey hair than he likes to admit to and is ALWAYS available to answer questions about adoption and golf!

“Whether you believe you can or you can’t, you’re right!”
–Henry Ford

Joel Kirsh

Joel Kirsh has been practicing adoption law, along with his brother Steve, for over 30 years and loves the emotional satisfaction of helping everyone involved in the adoption process.  In addition to newborn adoptions, he assists with step-parent, grandparent, adult, and other relative adoptions as well as formalization of international adoptions.

Joel also assists with Assisted Reproductive Technology Law including Gestational Carrier arrangements and other Surrogacy related matters.

Joel met his wonderful wife, Holly, at a fitness facility and they have been married over 28 years.  They have three great  children:  Trevor, Olivia and Harrison and two “energetic” Golden Doodles:  Jack and Zoey.

Joel loves hanging out with his family and friends and enjoys playing many sports including basketball, golf, tennis and working out.  He is a huge fan of IU Basketball and Football  as well as the Colts and Pacers.

“444….Life Is Good”
– Myron Kirsh (Joel’s Dad)

Grant Kirsh

Growing up as the son of an adoption attorney, Grant Kirsh has been surrounded by adoption his entire life. As a second generation adoption attorney, he enjoys continuing his family’s legacy in Indiana.

Grant focuses his work on private newborn adoptions, foster care adoption, gestational surrogacies, stepparent adoptions, family adoptions and adult adoptions.

Grant grew up in Carmel, Indiana, graduating from Carmel High School, Indiana University for his Bachelor’s Degree, and Indiana University School of Law for law school. He is married to Emley, whom he has known since high school, and they have a daughter, Anna, and a son, Brogan.

Grant loves his family very much and enjoys spending the weekends with them on the lake, walking on the Monon and playing in the yard. Grant, Emley, Anna and Brogan have 3 dogs – Daisy, India and Jake.

Grant Michael KirshClients’ ChoiceAward 2017 Grant Michael KirshClients’ ChoiceAward 2018 Grant Michael KirshClients’ ChoiceAward 2019

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Rob Kirsh

Rob Kirsh – Steve and Joel’s younger brother – has watched them change the face of adoption since he was a teenager. He has been practicing law for 16 years, ten of which in adoption law, beginning while he lived in Memphis, Tennessee.

Rob, his wife Amy, their daughter Campbell, and their son Hudson – plus Wilson (their goldendoodle) and Bubbles (their cat) — are back home again in Indiana.

Rob earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree from Indiana University, his Juris Doctor degree from The University of Tulsa College of Law, and his Master of Science in Management (MBA) degree from the Purdue University Krannert Graduate School of Management.

In addition to his Indiana-based practice, Rob is also admitted in Mississippi and Tennessee, working with expectant moms, adoptive parents, attorneys, and adoption agencies on Mississippi and Tennessee interstate/ICPC and intrastate adoptions. He travels to the Magnolia State and Volunteer State regularly.

Rob is an ADOPT Fellow of the Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys (AAAA).

To Rob, there is no more fulfilling type of work. He loves helping expectant moms turn challenging situations into positive ones, creating loving adoptive families, and working with other adoption professionals to do the same!


"If you'd have asked me then, I would have described myself as done for. As alone and forever a victim. I could not accept this chapter of my life. I don't believe in abortion to be a safe haven.  Exploring other options, I started to work with Kirsh & Kirsh. I found this instantly made me more enlightened, comfortable, and confident about my adoption plan. Kirsh & Kirsh wouldn't leave me hanging without any services, support and wellbeing. I was blessed to be a vessel for a wonderful family. With a great community, love and future I am healing because I made the right choice for me, and my child. Kirsh & Kirsh, are trusted hard working professionals and I also consider them friends. Thank you.”

- Samantha W.

“Kirsh & Kirsh are remarkable at what they do. I suppose you can say they make you feel part of the family instead of a file number. I highly praise Grant Kirsh for his outstanding generosity and humble approach to my sister's case. She was about 5 months along and unable to take care of her child. Grant Kirsh came to her rescue and explained everything in detail. He gave us his cell phone number and never was too busy to stay in touch. He made my sister a #1 priority - talk about excellent service!!! Kirsh & Kirsh is the way to go. Grant ensured the baby left the hospital in the arms of his new mamma and daddy instead of a foster care. I say that there is no other agency or attorney to look for if you are considering adoption. If you are looking for outstanding service, true care, uncountable sincerity and unbelievable partnership Kirsh & Kirsh Adoption is the way to go!!!!!!”

-Jenna M..

“They say there is nothing stronger than a mother's love. That being said, what could be harder than the reality that one cannot provide a life for her child? In one of the most painful situations in my life I was faced with this reality; I simply could not have another baby in my life. I felt lost, with no idea of what to do to ensure that my baby could experience the life everyone deserves. Shortly into my pregnancy, I knew that I had to find an adoptive family for my child. I was referred to Kirsh & Kirsh by a friend, and nothing better could possibly have happened. I was treated graciously, with care and consideration, and I soon found the perfect family to adopt my daughter. My experience with Kirsh & Kirsh was beautiful and uplifting, during one of the hardest times in my life. Simple words couldn't possibly express my gratitude for these gentlemen and their practice, and everything they have done for countless women and families.”

-Lindsey B.

"I really appreciate everything Grant Kirsh and everyone else at Kirsh & Kirsh have done for me. They have helped me through two adoptions, and my experience with them has been wonderful! They have been there for me in every way, by offering counseling and helping with every detail as far as any questions or concerns I might have. Kirsh & Kirsh has made the process of adoption, worry free, I trust Grant Kirsh and Kirsh & Kirsh completely. I would and have recommend other women who are pregnant and considering adoption to Kirsh & Kirsh. If I ever have to go through with an adoption there's no other law firm, hands down, I would go through, or any other lawyer I would even consider other than Grant Kirsh.  I'm very pleased with working with them, and they have been a blessing with the whole process. I can't thank Grant enough for everything he has done for me and he's always been there  for me and came through for me, with every question or request I've asked from him and his firm. I can't say thank you enough to him and his firm!!”

- Rachel A.

"Kirsh and Kirsh did an amazing job helping me through the adoption process. It was a very emotional time for me and they did everything they possibly could to make sure I was okay. They are very good at what they do as far as explaining everything in an understandable way, and making it less stressful and emotional than it needs to be. I knew I could trust them to find my baby the best home possible and that's exactly what they did. They care about the women they work with on a personal level. They strived to learn more about my family and I so that I could make the right decision. I am confident in saying that they are a huge reason today why I know I made the best decision for my child and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needed this type of service and support. Thank you Kirsh and Kirsh.”

- Lisa H.

"At 21 it's hard to say you're truly ready to take on the full responsibility of a child while trying to establish yourself as a an adult, and I was able to find my answers with Kirsh and Kirsh. I found the parents I wanted to adopt through the vast profiles that were put together, and the assurance that all received extensive background checks put my mind at ease as I read several profiles. I chose an open adoption and was able to develop a beautiful relationship with the couple I chose.  I cannot imagine a better adoption story than the one Kirsh and Kirsh helped me write through my pregnancy. Grant Kirsh and the team created such a level of comfort throughout my experience, between the extensive profiling of all the eager couples and the caring nature of the Kirsh team, my pregnancy became a treasured time in my life.”

- Chelsey L.

"Kirsh and Kirsh is the reason I had such a stress free pregnancy. They were always just a text or phone call away and I never felt alone. They checked in on me and really made it to where I had a whole place of friends not far away. Grant Kirsh always gave me such great advice and I could literally come to him at any time, day or night. It was like working with a family and they got me through the toughest, yet so rewarding, choice I have ever made. There's not anyone better that I would recommend going through for adoption. Everyone there is just so wonderful and caring. I would choose them again in a heartbeat.”

- Janelle F.

"I would like to thank those at Kirsh and Kirsh, especially Grant Kirsh. They were very kind and helpful. they made the process easy to understand and help guided me through to understand my rights and responsibilities. I had time to choose a couple and in my heart I feel I found the perfect couple for my daughter.  As this is the hardest choice I have ever had to make, I know it was right. Kirsh and Kirsh were very caring and helpful in my adoption process and would encourage anyone looking into adoption for your baby to meet with Kirsh and Kirsh”

- Katrina T.